Emergency exercise: testing preparedness and collaboration at Kingston Airport

October 22, 2021

Earlier today, City staff, partners, and first responders gathered in-person and virtually to participate in an emergency training exercise at Kingston Airport.

“This morning’s simulation went extremely well, and I thank our emergency responders for participating,” says Aron Winterstein, Manager of Kingston Airport. Taking part in the exercise were Kingston Police, Frontenac Paramedics, and Kingston Fire & Rescue.

The City’s Municipal Emergency Control Group and additional City staff also participated in this year’s event, assisting in the response to a simulated plane crash.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder that we may not always be able to be staged in the same area when responding to an emergency. This was an excellent test of our City’s technical infrastructure and ability to respond in a coordinated, timely, and effective fashion,” says Brandi Timpson, Manager of the City’s Emergency Management.

In an emergency, there are various roles staff may play, including but not limited to: planning, communications, logistics and finance.

Both municipalities and airports are legally required to regularly complete emergency exercises.