Construction set to begin on Henderson Boulevard Multi-Use Pathway

June 30, 2021

Next week, construction begins on the north side of Henderson Boulevard to build a new multi-use pathway which will connect to the existing active transportation infrastructure on Bayridge Drive and Days Road. This will create an east-west connection to further develop Active Transportation Cycling Route 6, identified in the five-year Active Transportation Implementation Plan. The pathway is scheduled to be complete this October.

“Last year, we engaged with the community on this pathway, which will help further develop and connect our active transportation network and encourage more walking, cycling and rolling in this part of the city,” says Marissa Mascaro, Manager, Transportation Infrastructure.

During the construction, residents will have limited access to the north sidewalk. Please follow and respect any safety fencing and signage in place.

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Kingston prioritizes active transportation and public transit. Advancing active transportation is part of City Council’s priority to improve walkability, roads and transportation