Constructing a pool fence or deck? City workshop will help with your plans

April 22, 2021

Planning on constructing a pool fence or deck this year?  Get help planning your project from the City of Kingston’s Building Department at an upcoming workshop.

“These workshops will go over how to apply for a permit, design considerations and what building inspectors are looking for to ensure life safety,” says Lisa Capener-Hunt, Director, Building & Enforcement and Chief Building Official. “We are offering two separate sessions: one for decks and one for pool fences. Both sessions will be online through Zoom.”

Residents seeking more information on deck and pool fence construction, and the online permit application process, can attend the following sessions:

  • Deck information session: Wednesday, May 5 at 5:30 p.m. Register online through Zoom.
  • Pool fence information session: Wednesday, May 19 at 5:30 p.m. Register online through Zoom.

Each session will start with a 30-minute presentation, followed by consultations in smaller groups where residents can walk through their designs with City staff. Individuals looking to review their designs are asked to prepare a digital version of their plans.

You need a building permit for decks that are going to be two feet above ground or higher, or a pool fence enclosure where the pool can hold more than two feet of water. You can apply for Building Permits using the City’s online DASH – development and services hub – portal at The workshop will offer tips on how to use DASH to apply, what design considerations you should take into account, and the applicable zoning and fees for constructing a deck or pool fence enclosure in Kingston. 

For more details on building permits and deck and pool fence enclosure construction, see

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