City undertaking work on New Zoning Bylaw, presenting discussion papers to Planning Committee

April 29, 2021

Staff from the City’s Department of Planning Services will present the first two in a series of four discussion papers at a special meeting of Planning Committee this evening. The presentation marks a major milestone in Phase Three of the New Zoning Bylaw, a staff-led project to consolidate, update and replace the five separate zoning bylaws currently in place across the city.

“The New Zoning Bylaw is a critical policy project that will impact residents and businesses across the City,” says Paige Agnew, Commissioner of Community Services. “As an implementation tool that helps put our Official Plan in context, it’s important to have a clear and consistent approach. Modernizing and consolidating the current Zoning Bylaws will help clarify and streamline the planning process in Kingston.”

The discussion papers presented at this April 29 meeting of Planning Committee will allow focused public meetings on the following topics:

  • Schools & Places of Worship
  • Environmental Protection Areas & the “Ribbon of Life” 

"These public meetings will allow the public to provide meaningful input in how these specific topics will be addressed in the second draft of the new zoning by-law, which is anticipated to be released this summer.” says Laura Flaherty, Project Manager, Planning Services. “Staff have identified some potential opportunities to modernize the new zoning by-law beyond a simple consolidation exercise and have also suggested some amendments to the Official Plan policies to ensure the intent of the policies can be best implemented in the new zoning by-law" says Flaherty.
Watch tonight’s special meeting of Planning Committee on the Kingston City Council YouTube channel or participate in the virtual public meeting on Zoom by registering on the Planning Committee webpage.
About Zoning Bylaws
Zoning Bylaws are powerful policy tools that allow municipalities to control how lands and buildings are used. They guide the size of buildings, where they can be located and other elements like the number of off-street parking spaces. This helps to structure the aspects of city design that will have immediate and long-term impacts on all residents. -
Under Section 34 of the Planning Act, Zoning Bylaws have very specific scopes. They do not influence:

  • How short-term rental accommodations are regulated
  • Who can use or live in a building
  • How garbage and recycling is managed
  • How City streets and sidewalks are designed
  • Techniques used in the construction of buildings

Next Steps
Phase Three of the New Zoning Bylaw will take place over the next year and a half.

  • Following presentation at Planning Committee on April 29, residents are invited to review the discussion papers and ask their questions on Get Involved Kingston.
  • The second set of discussion papers will be presented at a June 23 Special Meeting of Planning Committee.
  • Following the public meetings for the second set of discussion papers, staff will finalize the second draft of the New Zoning Bylaw, release it for public comment in Summer 2021.
  • Public consultation events will be planned to explore, review and discuss the draft bylaw. This will include a statutory public meeting in early Fall 2021. 
  • After consolidating and addressing public input, a comprehensive report, including the complete bylaw will be presented at final statutory open house and public meetings in January 2022.

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