City’s Snowplow Tracker available online

December 10, 2020

You can now track the progress of City snowplows at The Snowplow Tracker, an online map that shows when roads were last plowed, is an innovative tool to help pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists get around this winter.

“The Snowplow Tracker is an opportunity to see our snow clearing efforts in a new, visual way,” says Bill Linnen, Director, Public Works. “Our crews work continuously during winter weather events to clear over 1,800 km of roads. The Snowplow Tracker allows you to see that progress across the city.”

When a plow is in motion clearing roads, it will send frequent location data that will be displayed on the map. The map uses different colours to indicate the last time a road was plowed, showing all Kingston roads and residential areas.

Road plowing is based on a priority system, with main roads being cleared first. Plows may do multiple passes on arterial roadways and transit routes before moving on to residential areas, depending on the winter weather event. Review the City’s Winter Maintenance Policy to learn more about plowing priorities.