City reminds residents to avoid making waste this holiday season

December 9, 2020

The City reminds you to avoid buying, giving or making garbage this holiday season.

"Give gifts, not waste and packaging. Remember: every non-recyclable item we send to landfill contributes to greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change," says Raymond Garner, Director of Solid Waste.

Share your waste-saving holiday ideas on Twitter using the #WasteNotYGK hashtag.

Here are some ideas to help reach the City's goal of diverting 65 per cent of Kingston's household waste:

  • Bring re-useable bags when you go shopping.
  • Choose reusable or recyclable wrapping. Traditional wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to the large amount of coloured ink. Choose recyclable or reusable wrapping such as brown paper, newspaper, gift boxes or bags. Share your ingenious wrapping idea at #WasteNotYGK.
  • Get crafty! Get items at second hand stores and add your own touch to them!
  • Create or buy holiday decorations that can be repurposed or composted.
  • Buy or make gifts you can put in your stomach. 
  • Feed your guests, not the green bin! Plan to make use of leftovers and don’t bring home food that will go to waste.
  • Make the most of your green bin. Remember that the green bin accepts soiled paper towels, paper plates and napkins as well as food scraps of all kinds.
  • Compost your real Christmas trees at the Kingston Area Recycling Centre or Tomlinson Organics. Be sure to remove all decorations first. Artificial trees can be donated to second-hand stores and charities or sold on online sales websites.