City posts trespass notice on Memorial Centre barns to address health and safety risks

November 30, 2021

The City of Kingston posted trespass notices at the Memorial Centre barns this afternoon to address the immediate health and safety risks for those at this location. The notices go into effect immediately and will prohibit sheltering at this site.

“This location has rapidly become a dangerous situation for multiple health and safety reasons,” says CAO Lanie Hurdle. “Emergency services are consistently responding to concerns from electrical tampering to space heater fires. Add to this the COVID-19 risks during a time of increased spread, and this location becomes a very dangerous place to shelter.”

The City and its community partners are constantly working to free up safer alternatives to shelter but the recent upswing in cases have impacted services tremendously. “Our shelter capacities have been cut by half in order to provide isolation space for those who have tested positive and are in a vulnerable situation,” says Ruth Noordegraaf, Director of Housing and Social Services. “But we’re optimistic about some new initiatives like the warming centre and multiple affordable housing projects that will be online soon.”

Home Base Housing’s Street Outreach Team visited the site this afternoon and found no one sheltering in the barns but will continue to check on this site and many other locations nearby to ensure the safety of those sheltering outdoors and offer services.

If you are experiencing homelessness or are concerned about a person in need of help, please call one of the following numbers and the Street Outreach Team will be alerted: 613-561-5839 / 613-453-7724 / 613-561-4618.