City Launches Business Support Office to offer dedicated support for Kingston’s business community

The City is pleased to introduce a full-time Business Support Analyst role within the Office of Strategy, Innovation & Partnerships with the goal of helping businesses navigate municipal services, and to connect business owners and operators with community resources.  

“This new role serves as a point of contact for businesses looking to access or navigate municipal services,” says Mark Nardi, Business Support Analyst. “The Business Support Office leverages knowledge of City departments and municipal processes to help local businesses get effective resolutions when working with the City.”  

“If you’re a business owner or are considering starting a business in Kingston and need help with everything from understanding if you need a business license, building permit or planning application, contact me at the Business Support Office,” adds Nardi.  

In addition to assistance navigating City programs and services, the Business Support Office works closely with community partners to ensure all business needs are met.   

“We are committed to working closely with partners in the business development sector o provide a holistic approach to business success,” says Tracey Snow, Manager, Rural Economic & Community Development for the City. “In addition to our focused expertise, staff can connect business owners with partners like Kingston Economic Development to help find solutions, whether its business support or marketing.”    


Learn more

Business owners can attend one of two information sessions to learn more about the support the City is offering: 

Contact the Business Support Office: