City invites resident feedback on Cataraqui Woods Dr. multi-use pathway rest areas

November 18, 2020

As part of the City’s ongoing efforts to make it easier to get around Kingston through active modes of transportation, a new multi-use pathway is being developed along the south side of Cataraqui Woods Drive between Sydenham Road and Centennial Drive. 

As the City finalizes the design for this project, it is inviting area residents, pedestrians and cyclists to suggest locations for rest areas along the pathway and get a better understanding of the project. Those interested in providing input on the rest areas are encouraged to visit the Get Involved page for the project.

“We want to make sure local residents and anyone who may use this pathway have a chance to weigh in on the best locations for rest areas along the route” says Mark Dickson, project manager for the Transportation Services department with the City of Kingston. “We will consider all feedback received during this engagement before finalizing the design of the multi-use path.”

This new multi-use pathway connects to the existing multi-use pathway on Centennial that leads to the K&P trail. This section of roadway will also include a sidewalk on the north side and on-road buffered bike lanes. The timeline for construction will be confirmed after the design is finalized.

The project’s Get Involved page will be open for public input until December 9.