City declares significant weather event Jan 16

January 16, 2022

The City of Kingston has declared a significant weather event following a weather alert issued by Environment Canada. During a significant weather event, residents are advised to use extra caution and are reminded that winter maintenance service levels for roads and sidewalks may not be met.

What makes a weather event significant?

A significant weather event is defined as an approaching or occurring weather hazard with the potential to pose a significant danger to the users of highways (streets) within a municipality. When hazardous weather is expected, Environment Canada will issue alert under its Public Weather Alerting Program. Provincial legislation was updated in 2018 to allow municipalities to declare a significant weather event.

Be safe around snowplows

Drivers: Stay three car-lengths behind a snowplow to allow for a safe stopping distance. NEVER cut off a snowplow.

Pedestrians and caregivers:

  • Assume the snowplow driver has NOT seen you.
  • If you see a snowplow, move off the sidewalk and into a yard where you can be seen.
  • Do NOT play on or make forts or tunnels in roadside snowbanks.
  • NEVER approach a snowplow, even when it has stopped.

Help ensure snowplows can keep our streets clear. Winter parking regulations prohibit parking on any city street between the hours of 1 a.m. to 7 a.m.

Stay prepared

Take extra steps to be prepared in advance of a significant weather event:

  • Ensure that your cell phone is charged, flashlights are within reach and have fresh batteries, an adequate food supply on hand, and a heat source is available to keep your family and pets warm.
  • Never run a generator in an enclosed space.
  • If you need to drive, please take it slow and drive safely. Check your vehicle to ensure you have a blanket to keep you warm, in the event that you become stuck or your vehicle breaks down. Ensure you have a mobile phone charger, flashlight with extra batteries, first aid kit, and warm clothing such as a toque, mitts and winter boots, water and snacks.

For more emergency preparedness tips please visit
Residents can review the City’s Winter Maintenance Policy online to learn more about the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards at