City contributes to local toy drive

November 2, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in an effort to limit contact, the City will not be collecting toys this year for November parking tickets, but will instead make a one-time contribution of $6,850 to a local toy drive. The contribution represents the amount in parking fines that would have typically been waived during the Toys for Tickets program. 

“Toys for Tickets is a long-running, successful program that will return in future years,” says Brad Frink, Supervisor, Parking Enforcement. “We are committed to continuing our support during these challenging times and recognize that this annual contribution makes a difference for many children during the holiday season.”

The program, in place since 2005, allows those who receive parking tickets in November to “pay” for them with a toy that is donated to a local toy drive.

Last year, the Toys for Tickets program collected 454 toys representing more than $6,500 in parking fines waived by the City. The program is expected to return in 2021.