City conducting review of Fence Bylaw

City staff is proposing housekeeping amendments to the City’s Fence Bylaw (#2003-405), as part of a regular bylaw review. Residents are invited to attend an online information session at 6 p.m. on Nov. 3 to learn more.

“Staff want to keep residents appraised of technical changes being proposed to the fence bylaw,” says Lisa Capener-Hunt, Director of Building and Enforcement for the City. “While the changes are minor in nature, we want to keep residents informed.”

The City’s Fence Bylaw governs regulations around pool enclosures. Proposed amendments include:

  • Adding provisions for horizontal fence boards in fence construction
  • Clarifying standards for measuring the heights of fences along sloped grades
  • Correcting unit conversions in metric

Residents can register for the online session through Zoom:

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