City closes Breakwater Park to safeguard against spread of COVID-19

April 9, 2021

The City of Kingston is closing Breakwater Park to prevent crowding following an announcement by KFL&A Public Health yesterday of an outbreak in the adjacent University District.

“I have issued an emergency order to close Breakwater Park effective today for a 10-day period. This timeline coincides with students move-out, but can be extended if needed. As one of our most popular community parks, closing it is a last resort,” says Mayor Bryan Paterson. “Yesterday, however, we saw troubling instances of overcrowding, which is especially concerning given the current outbreak in the nearby University District. We also know that enforcement is challenging when crowds get that large, especially since the provincial order does allow for multiple outdoor gatherings of up to five people. For this reason, Breakwater Park is being fenced off, but we look forward to reopening this waterfront park as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

The Mayor issued the emergency order that will close the park officially for a 10-day period as of 4 p.m. today. Fencing is being erected to close the north, east, and west boundaries of Breakwater Park, which runs along King Street between Lower University Avenue and Beverley Street. City Bylaw Enforcement and Kingston Police will be closely monitoring other parks un proximity to the University District.

The Province’s Stay-at-Home order allows people to leave their homes to use public amenities that are permitted to remain open.  This emergency order means people will not be permitted to use Breakwater Park for the next 10 days. Anyone using Breakwater Park, even alone, is now subject to fines.

Enforcement under Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs)

Residents are reminded that those who fail to maintain physical distancing in any City park – and those who enter the closed area of Breakwater Park – can be issued a $2,060 Penalty Notice on the spot under the City’s AMPs for failure to comply with an emergency order. Any fines issued under the City’s AMPs can be paid and appealed directly through the City.

Have you witnessed a gathering of concern?  Please contact Kingston Police using this non-emergency number: 613-549-4660.