City and childcare providers mobilize emergency childcare for school-aged children

Jan. 5, 2022

The City has mobilized with the Province and local childcare providers to offer emergency childcare for school-aged children and will be accepting applications immediately.

Emergency Childcare for School-Aged Children is a targeted service offered by the Ministry of Education to accommodate childcare needs during those times when students would normally be in school or attending a before and after school program - both of which have been closed under current Provincial health measures

The program is for children born on or before Dec. 31, 2017, and who are registered and attending an elementary school. Priority access is given to children of parents/guardians who have been deemed essential workers by the Province.

“We’re collaborating closely with childcare providers and the Province to provide as many childcare opportunities as possible for essential workers in our community,” says Heather Mitchell, Manager, Childcare and Early Years, City of Kingston. “We’re ready to process applications and get families the support they need during this current round of health measures.”

Are you an essential worker in need of childcare? Find details and application forms on the City of Kingston's Essential Worker Childcare webpage.