Chaka Chikodzi + Jill Glatt exhibition opens August 5 at The Window Art Gallery

The Kingston School of Art & Window Art Gallery are thrilled to announce the exhibition of Chaka Chikodzi & Jill Glatt. 2020’s Mayor’s Arts Award winner, Chaka Chikodzi is a Zimbabwean-Canadian stone sculptor living, working, and raising a family in Katarokwi/Kingston. His work with volcanic rock from Zimbabwe, where he started sculpting as a teenager, has continued to expand and develop across two continents. His recent work is inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the natural rock formations that are unique to Zimbabwe’s landscape.

Jill Glatt is a Katarokwi/Kingston-based illustrator, printmaker, arts educator, and French teacher with the Limestone District School Board. This partnership with the KSOA was made possible by Grassroots, Independent, Professional (GRIP) Artists Kingston’s spaceshare program. 
Speaking of her own work under the exhibition title “Old Growth / Progenitors”, Glatt explains: my artistic practice is based around and informed by ecology, community, and sustainability. I seek to make approachable and accessible art that inspires people to centre the natural world in their daily lives. I am currently in the process of exploring new methods of making art and creating my own printing mediums by hand (ex. inks and papers) from sustainable/foraged/repurposed materials.
“Old Growth / Progenitors” is a reflection on cultural identity; the dichotomy of self as a product of colonialism and eurocentrism while living as a person of colour, and an inquiry into how to reconcile these aspects of myself through artistic methods and styles traditional to India.

This exhibition is co-presented by Skeleton Park Arts Festival & GRIP Artists Kingston