Centennial Year Updates

Hello everyone!  We hope you are all enjoying a lovely summer!  Staff and Board at CFRC have been incredibly busy all summer thinking and planning ahead for Queen’s Orientation Week, Homecoming, our Centennial Funding Drive launching October 1st 2022 and of course our centennial celebrations coming up on our 100th birthday October 7th and 8th! Below, we have some fun updates for you!

Before the fun stuff…

 Just a note, having completed our CRTC audit this summer, our next SOCAN audit occurs in September.  Please ensure your logs are updated now and continue to be updated on a weekly basis.  Logs must be complete within 7 days of original broadcast.  All volunteers are required to submit logs and maintain required CanCon and new music requirements and ensure a station ID is verbalized at the top of each hour (e.g. It’s now XX:XX time, You’re listening to “program name” here on CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston, Ontario.”  Even if you precord, a station ID must be added at the top of each hour, something some folks are not doing and we had to report to the CRTC during our audit.  If you have a two or three hour show, you must fade down your music whether you are prerecording or live, and voice the station ID (a mandatory CRTC requirement, please recall we are in our license renewal year). Please reach out to Alex ([email protected]) or Chancelor ([email protected]) if you have any questions regarding logging and CRTC requirements.  Compliance failures can and will impact the process toward our broadcast license renewal.  Please plan your programming scripts to ensure this obligation is met.  If we do not have a license, we may not broadcast.  We recommend reviewing our policies also available on our website, but a check in with staff is ALWAYS welcomed and encouraged!

And with regulatory enforcement aside, now onto the fun stuff :)

Before getting into the events over the Centennial Weekend, we NEED your help to promote our 100th Birthday celebrations on October 7th / 8th in doing a social media countdown campaign through September/early October. 

Starting September 1st through October 7th (our actual 100th birthday), we want to post one social media post a day with a current volunteer holding up a number corresponding to the number of days left until our birthday…for example, September 1st…that’s 37 days til our birthday, the volunteer would send us a selfie via email with the number 37 drawn on a piece of paper, a post it, etc.  On September 2nd, another volunteer will do a photo with the number 36, and so forth.  Photos/selfies can be done in studio at CFRC, in your home studio, in your virtual space (e.g. if you cohost a pre-recorded show virtually, send us a screenshot with your selected number held up by your team members!), or even just send us a shot while you’re at home hanging out with your favorite albums and a post-it with your countdown number written on it.  We’d also like you to not only sign up for a date and a countdown number, but also provide your DJ handle, brief bio (ie: what year you started on our airwaves) and a brief updated description of your show so that we can share on social media.   For our friends who prefer that their names and/or images remain anonymous, sign up with an anon name or your collective/program name, send me a graphic to [email protected] that best represents your program and add your updated show description and start date, so that you too will still be in the countdown :)

Sign up at the link below with your selected social media deployment date, the number you will take a selfie with (or we will include in your provided graphic image), and a bio/show description and importantly, your start date!  If you have trouble entering information into the document, let me know, we can reserve a spot for you and we will confirm a social media deployment date and the countdown number you can hold up in your selfie (or add to your graphic if photos/selfies are not possible).  Those folks who do not have smartphones or digital cameras may also reach out to us and we can snap a photo of you in studio if you are comfortable or we can develop an image for your show including the countdown number. Just let us know!  The key here is we’d love all of our volunteers to help out with the big countdown in ways that work best for them and also let the community know that you’re programming on our airwaves during this historic occasion going down forever in broadcast history!

 Sign up sheet here:


And now….Centennial Events!

Some logistical details are still in the works and updates/adjustments are forthcoming.  Please please do, however, mark your calendars.  We’d love to see ALL volunteers at these Centennial Celebration events and we’ll need your help to promote them on the airwaves throughout September and early October.  Feel free to start with teasers during your mosaics at any time starting your next show, but our full event promotions campaign will commence the first week of September.  We’ll have more updates, but as a note, please prioritize the promos that will be recorded and added to the studio computers & the shared folder for our remote volunteers) in your required promo selections whether live or pre-taped.

Below are some details.  We’ll send out talking points the first week of September for you to add to your mosaics (similar to those we share during our annual funding drives).  Promos will be recorded and ready for placement in your programming as well.  Again, please do prioritize them in September/early October, thank you!!!


Fri, Sept 30                    TUNE IN Commemorative Beer Launch

                                         Venue: Stone City Ales

                                         Time: TBA

              This is the collaboration you have been waiting for!

Stone City Ales in downtown Kingston is brewing a commemorative beer branded “Tune In” in honour of CFRC’s Centennial thanks to some pretty magic facilitation conducted by esteemed CFRC alumna, DJ LK, and we want you to TUNE IN on September 30th at the beer launch party! Join us for your first taste of the Centennial celebration and take home some commemorative bottles…great gifts for your friends too!! There will be a DJ’d dance party at this event and food as well as non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase alongside the commemorative CFRC centennial beer Stone City is generously brewing for this historic occasion!


Friday Oct 7                  Centennial Plaque Unveiling Ceremony at CFRC

Venue: CFRC - Queen’s Campus (fair weather), or Grad Club (foul weather)

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

              Join us on Queen’s campus and on air for the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to recognize CFRC’s Centennial. Media, local and campus dignitaries including Queen’s Principal and Vice Chancellor Patrick Deane will also be in attendance (we are awaiting confirmation from the Mayor, student gov’t representatives etc.) We’ll also be honoring two distinguished CFRC volunteers, Jim Birch and Wayne Vermette for their 40+ consecutive years of broadcasting on our airwaves! Following the plaque and volunteer recognition ceremony, there will be a Meet and Greet for supporters, alumni, volunteers and staff at the Grad Club.

              *In the case of foul weather, the ceremony will be moved to the Grad Club commencing 1 PM. 


              We will live broadcast the whole ceremony using remote equipment outside and in front of Carruthers Hall, or if need be, at the Grad Club.  Your attendance is absolutely encouraged to one, celebrate this historic occasion YOU have helped make happen and to also celebrate 40+ years of consecutive CFRC broadcasting conducted by two of your fellow volunteers Jim Birch and Wayne Vermette :) 



Friday Oct 7                  OPEN HOUSE at CFRC

Venue: CFRC

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


              CFRC 100 Meet and Greet

Venue: Grad Club

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Teaser: Join us at CFRC and the Grad Club on October 7th! CFRC will be open for tours of the station and a chance to celebrate CFRC’s past and present with installations of equipment, memorabilia, and archived materials from the station’s past. Queen’s University Archives will be joining us with a pop up exhibit showcasing vintage artefacts collected and stored over the last century.  There will be cake, coffee/tea and snacks too!  This event will run concurrently with a Meet and Greet at the Grad Club for further refreshments, and a chance to visit with CFRC alumni, staff and volunteers. These events will be another great opportunity to pick up CFRC 100 merchandise available now for purchase (see our website!).  We expect things will really get going around 2 PM at the Grad Club but we have, again, reserved the space for 1 PM in case the plaque ceremony gets rained out :)


Pssst…stay tuned….the Queen’s Archives CFRC 90th Anniversary Exhibit pages developed for 2012 is currently being updated to include NEW content to capture 100 years!  Their team is working on creative development for presentation with the work staff have submitted with the support of a generous grant from the Queen’s University Alumni Association:  Current 90th anniversary exhibit is here, stay tuned for updates! https://archives.queensu.ca/exhibits/cfrc/cfrc-90-years-queens-radio



Saturday Oct 8             OPEN HOUSE at CFRC

Venue: CFRC

Time: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM


              CFRC 100 Meet and Greet

Venue: Grad Club

Time: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

              Join us at CFRC and the Grad Club on October 8th! CFRC will be open for more tours of the station and opportunities for visiting alumni, volunteers and community members to join distinguished volunteers Jim Birch and Wayne Vermette live on air to chat and play music during their Saturday afternoon programs! This event will run concurrently with a Meet and Greet at the Grad Club for refreshments, and another opportunity to visit and re-connect with CFRC alumni, staff and fellow volunteers before or after station tours!



Saturday Oct 8             CFRC 100 Dance Party featuring CFRC alum and DJ, Ciel

Venue: Grad Club

Time:  9:00 PM

Teaser: Get ready to celebrate into the Centennial celebrations Saturday night with a concert headlined by Toronto-based DJ and CFRC alumna, Ciel! (former host of CFRC’s Lady Flash) This event, happening at the Grad Club after the scheduled alumni meet and greet is being organized  by CFRC alumna and dear station friend DJ LK. Stay tuned for ticket info!  Additional artists are expected to join the lineup and this capstone party is a truly excellent opportunity to not only dance the night away, but again connect with alumni and also your fellow volunteers and your listeners!  Ciel is HUGE in the DJ/rave scene and it is an honour for us to welcome an artist of such global renown who started her own career on our airwaves.  Please join us in giving her and other CFRC alum a warm welcome home!!!

Centennial Funding Drive 2022

That’s the basic rundown of Centennial Weekend events.  Funding Drive details are forthcoming BUT the funding drive will commence earlier this year, October 1st and our slogan is “Play it Forward” and our goal is an ambitious 30,000 dollars.  Local artist Benjamin Nelson is creating some poster and graphic design for us and staff are working to coordinate attendant fundraising events through December 31st.  For your knowledge, CFRC will be fundraising specifically for building a new, accessible website that will include new features for you, the volunteers to book your studio time online, more easily complete your logs, and also update your listeners with your own show pages with complete playlists and archives while the site itself will at long last meet accessibility standards and be mobile friendly.  Some of the costs of this rebuild have been secured through a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada, but websites are expensive and more funds are needed to meet our website needs.

Additionally, CFRC will be running a youth radio theatre camp series next year funded partially by the Kingston Arts Council.  This theatre camp will be dedicated to providing opportunities for local youth to participate in the productions of radio theatre performances (similar to what we will do with the second Shortwave Theatre Festival launching November 2022). Importantly, our camp will provide access to local youth with dis/abilities that conventionally exclude them from onstage performance and also access to local youth whose families cannot afford to send their kids to other camps.  Camps are expensive and require hiring of qualified camp facilitators, purchasing necessary insurance, and feeding people.  Our camp will provide kids with fun summer camp opportunities, aims to ensure we can provide healthy meals for every camper and ensure every camper, regardless of ability or socio-economic status, can participate.

 These fundraising projects inform our ‘Play It Forward’ campaign this year…more messaging and details are forthcoming and we’ll be sure you have all of the details ahead of launch.  Stay tuned as well for fun ‘Play It Forward’ themed events too…and we welcome ANY recommendations from our volunteers who may wish to develop programming or events along this theme!  Know a local musician you can invite to ‘play’ in our newly renovated studios? Let us know and we can make it happen!  Have a fun social event you’d like to pitch to gather volunteers and listeners?  We’d LOVE to hear from you!  Staff have some ideas in the works, but we could really use your imagination too! 

More details on everything are forthcoming! Stay tuned!