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News'Underutilized' Graduate Peer Support Centre indefinitely suspended

Established in 2019, the GPSC operated with a number of graduate and professional student volunteers offering support to fellow graduate students in need of mental health supports. According to SPGS President Justine Aman, the service was suspended after being underutilized.
“While reviewing the usage statistics and student uptake of the GPSC, it was apparent that this service was underutilized and, as a result, overfunded.”
      —Justine Aman, SGPS President

According to Aman, the suspension of the GPSC will allow the SPGS time to consult with students on what mental health resources are needed. Read the full story here.
Cassidy McMackon, Opinions Editor

ArtsNew virtual escape room inspired by Queen’s culture

The game’s clever narrative has players investigating the theft of graduation caps by comparing clues hidden in a fictionalized version of The Journal. Successful participants will uncover the thief’s identity and save the day by game’s end. 

“You’re able to learn more about your community through an escape room, which I think is pretty cool.”

   —Matt Rothwell, PheKin ’05

Now a father and business owner, Rothwell is far-removed from his studying days, yet hasn’t fallen out of touch with the university. He still remembers what it feels like to be a student. Read the full story here.

Ben Wrixon, Arts Editor

SportsJaden Lindo hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins as manager of Community Hockey Program

The former Gaels hockey forward, who graduated from Queen’s last spring, was hired by the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation as the Manager of Community Hockey Programs on Aug. 31. He will oversee hockey initiatives and programs for youth and minorities in the Pittsburgh community.

The Journal sat down with Lindo to discuss his new role and learn more about how his hockey career led back to the Penguins. Read the full story here.

—Natara Ng, Assistant Sports Editor


Features: The spirit of entrepreneurship at Queen's

From Iris Technologies creating an LCD computer for people suffering from concussions to Red Gold of Afghanistan selling saffron to help women in Afghanistan, Queen’s has created and supported many student entrepreneurs.
The Journal spoke with students and staff about their entrepreneurship journeys and lessons learned. Read the full story here. 

—Julia Stratton, Features Editor


Arts: Student curators launch book exhibition

The books, images, and writings in What are you reading? demonstrate the importance of art curation and the powerful relationship between art and history. The exhibition holds the potential to showcase both past and present works in a complementary way, illustrating the growth within the artistic community. 

Douglas believes the exhibition also raises attention to how archives can be helpful, showing viewers how necessary they are in the field of art and art curation.  
Read the full story here.  

—Mackenzie Loveys, Assistant Arts Editor
News: Kingston Health Sciences Centre vaccine policies met with protests

An anonymously-organized protest against COVID-19 vaccination mandates took place on Sept. 7. The demonstration was held in front of the Kingston General Hospital (KGH), site of the Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC). Read the full story here. 

—Sydney Ko, News Editor
Recent reads
News: AMS introduces apps to support student life

On Sept. 9, the AMS announced the launch of the Compass app. Compass is meant to be an additional resource for students to better navigate mental health and wellness support.

“Compass is the AMS’s newest holistic student life platform. The platform centralizes mental health and wellness support, as well as events happening across campus—with the ability to favourite what is most relevant to you,” the executive, Team RTZ said in an email statement to The Journal. 
Read the full story here.

Asbah Ahmed, Assistant News Editor
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