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NewsSVPR & SACK talk preventing gender-based violence on campus

Following the AMS Walkout to stand against sexual assault and violence, Nadia Mahdi, ArtSci ’21 and Community Outreach Coordinator for Sexual Assault Center Kingston (SACK), and Barbara Lotan, Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator (SVPR), spoke to The Journal on support and resources offered at Queen’s.

  “When we're addressing a culture of harm or a culture of violence, sexual violence, gender-based violence, it's about coming and making those changes and showing up time and time again,”

      —Nadia Mahdi, ArtSci ’21 and Community Outreach Coordinator for SACK

For Mahdi, preventing gender-based violence on campus starts with accountability and community-building. Read the full story here.

Sydney Ko and Anne Fu, News Editor and Assistant News Editor
FeatureThe death of the paper textbook

Before the pandemic, less than one fifth of course materials at Queen’s were digital. In less than two years, that figure has seen a drastic change. Physical textbooks are going out of style, replaced with digital versions. The shift is due to the switch to online learning in 2020 due to COVID-19.

“Looking back to 2019, online course materials represented about 19 per cent of our total course materials. Last year, it surged to 32 per cent,”

   —Cindy Healy, General Manager of Queen’s Campus Bookstore

Navigating textbook purchases in a pandemic proved to be a problem. Queen’s Campus Bookstore wasn’t open for in-person shopping, and curb-side pickup was limited. Read the full story here.

Kirby Harris, Features Editor

OpinionsThe AMS Walkout was nothing but performative activism

On Sept. 27, we donned our raincoats and made our way to Summerhill to participate in a student-led walkout to show solidarity with survivors of sexual assault. With activism and advocacy being a large part of both our lives, it was only natural we would both attend. 

Unfortunately, we were soon disappointed as we watched our student government host an insensitive and thoughtless “rally.” It became clear that Queen’s and its student government had much more work to do than we thought.
 Read the full story here.

—Erika Gow & Livi McElrea, Contributors


Arts: Union Gallery launches collaborative art project

In participation with Culture Days, a program taking place across Canada from Sept. 24 to Oct. 24, Union Gallery has launched a collaborative art project called Together, we tile.
Those participating in the project will receive a ceramic tile to be decorated based on central themes of dreams, exploration, and re-imagining our tomorrow. Read the full story here. 

—Ben Wrixon, Arts Editor


Sports: ‘Gaels Tackle Hunger Food Drive’ initiative raises 1,126 pounds of food

On Sunday Oct. 3, the Queen’s Football team was stationed at the front entrance of Metro on Barrie Street collecting non-perishables for their annual initiative, the ‘Gaels Tackle Hunger Food Drive.’ Read the full story here.  

—Natara Ng, Assistant Sports Editor


The Football team collecting food at Metro's downtown location. (Supplied by: Kwame Osei)

Catch-up on Tuesday's campus news: 

News: AMS Director of Human Resources position will remain vacant

Following the recent resignation of the Director of Human Resources (HR), the AMS executive said they will not be filling the vacancy. The AMS has hired two directors of HR since the beginning of the academic year. Read the full story here. 

—Sydney Ko, News Editor
Recent reads

News: Queen’s professors win Ideas Worth Teaching Award

The Ideas Worth Teaching Award, established in 1999 by the Aspen Institute’s Business and Society Program, recognizes some of the foremost business educators around the world each year who commit to making a more inclusive, sustainable society through commerce.  Read the full story here.

Anne Fu, Assistant News Editor

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