Campus Catch Up from The Queen's Journal, Nov 5 2021

NewsTeacher candidates struggle to find placement opportunities

Haynes-Poole, who created a petition to advocate for students who are unable to get a placement position, emphasized the difference between teaching and learning the theory behind education. 

“There is a very large difference between being in a lecture hall listening about how to teach and being in a classroom. They are two separate entities, and our program is based around practicum,”

      —Maya Haynes-Pool, ConEd ’22

According to Haynes-Poole and Chin, the seven per cent of students not placed in practicum are currently doing a “deep dive” log on EDII (equity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigeneity). This log has been designed to be self-guided. Read the full story here.

Asbah Ahmed, Assistant News Editor
FeatureFinding a religious & spiritual community at Queen's

“We’re taught not to talk about religion or politics, and that’s clearly what we should talk about because those are the most divisive things,” Shobhana Xavier, assistant professor of religious studies, said in an interview with The Journal.

“We need language for it and that’s what religious literacy is, having the language and capacity to start engaging in hard questions [about religion],”

   —Shobhana Xavier, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

A lot of people shy away from discussions about religion out of fear they’ll say something wrong. However, avoidance of these topics can lead to ignorance, which further divides different communities. Read the full story here.

Julia Stratton, Features Editor

SportsOUA anti-racism report shows disproportionate representation in coaches & administrators

This week, the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and the Indigeneity, Diaspora, Equity and Anti-racism (IDEA) in Sport Research Lab released their Anti-Racism Report to address racism in varsity sports.

Largely inspired by the experiences and recommendations of the conference’s Black, Biracial, and Indigenous (BBI) Task Force, the OUA Anti-Racism Project was intended to create and raise awareness about the demographics and experiences of student-athletes, coaches, and sport administrators across the conference.
 Read the full story here.

—Sydney Ko, News Editor


Arts: ‘Queen’s Refuge’ exhibition running through November

Queen’s Refuge: Refugees and the University is now on display at the W.D. Jordan Rare Books and Special Collections library until Nov. 26. 

This unique exhibition examines the complex history of refugees at Queen’s across four themes: directions, transit, relief, and arrival. Each object and image on display symbolizes the story of a refugee with ties to the community. Read the full story here. 

—Ben Wrixon, Arts Editor

Lifestyle: Why I lose all social finesse trying to work out at the ARC

Through an intense process of trial and error, I’ve adopted a few techniques that make my ARC endeavors less cringe-inducing. Read the full story here.  

—Madeleine McCormick, Assistant Lifestyle Editor
When it comes to the ARC, we have to fake it until we make it. (Photo by: Spencer Hendrickson)
Catch-up on Tuesday's campus news: 

News: AMS survey alleges disproportionate targeting of students of colour by police

In response to Queen’s $350,000 payment to the City of Kingston ahead of Homecoming celebrations in October and the subsequent petition against over-policing propelled by the AMS, the Social Issues Commission (SIC) is asking students to share their experiences with Kingston Police in an anonymous form. Read the full story here. 

—Sydney Ko, News Editor
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News: Equity Grievance Service combats harassment & discrimination

The consultation is for any students who have experienced harassments or discrimination at Queen’s or have thoughts on the accessibility of equity resources on campus. ASUS hopes to receive at least 50 participants complete consultations by Nov. 26.

Yara Hussein, ArtSci ’23, Equity Commissioner at ASUS, said EGS will be a student-run service through ASUS. She explained the consultation will inform a new advocacy initiative concerning harassment and discrimination reporting on campus. Read the full story here.

Sydney Ko, News Editor

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