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NewsStudent group alleges anti-Semitism at AMS-hosted event

On Nov. 9, the Social Issues Commission (SIC), Queen’s Committee Against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination (CARED), and Levana Gender Advocacy Centre held an event on navigating colonial institutions and intersectional student activism with guest speaker Ericka Hart.

  “This was somebody who was speaking to issues of inclusion, equity, and diversity, that’s not somebody who you want to be hearing this kind of thing from.”

     —Rafi Matchen, Vice-President (Advocacy) of Hillel Queen’s

Queen’s Hillel claims Ericka Hart expressed anti-Semitic sentiments in a recent conference at Yale. Read the full story here.

Five students speak to the relationship between Queen’s and Kingston Police. (Illustration by: Shelby Talbot)
Feature‘This is an opportunity for us to be critical’: Policing beyond homecoming

Sophie DeFreitas, ArtSci ’22, had another perspective on the relationship between students and police. 

“From first year, it’s drilled into you that the police are a threatening figure who will constantly watch you. We don’t talk about them as a protective force from being roofied, and at no point is the relationship ever formatted as mutual,”

   —Sophie DeFreitas, ArtSci '22

“The majority of Queen’s students are only in Kingston for four years,” DeFreitas said. “One of the reasons the police are able to escape criticism is because of the turnover of students”. Read the full story here.

Alysha Mohamed, Lifestyle Editor

NewsStudent alleges mistreatment by campus security

Alex Wang, ArtSci ’22, was at Stauffer library finishing an assignment on the evening of Nov. 5. While working, Wang decided to momentarily pull his mask down to air it out. That’s when a security guard approached him.
“You’re supposed to cover your nose—I know that—but it hadn’t been for more than 30 seconds,” Wang said in an interview with The Journal.
 Read the full story here.

—Sydney Ko, News Editor

Arts: Dan Studio Series offers a great collection of plays

I have always found drama and stage acting fascinating. While I don’t have the bionic ability to act in a live performance, watching plays allows me to truly feel the emotions of the characters while shutting out the noise of everyday life. 

The Dan Studio Series (DSS) is a semi-annual theatre production organized and run by Queen’s students. This year, the DSS is putting on a show coined “Odyssey,” which includes three plays exploring relationships, perspectives, and family. Read the full story here. 

—Asbah Ahmed, Assistant News Editor


Lifestyle: Getting home safely as a woman still isn’t guaranteed

I’ve only been in an Uber alone four times. Though I had no issues, I was on high alert every ride, ensuring the driver followed the route on his phone and analyzing our small talk for any red flags. Read the full story here.  

—Sarah Brodmann, Contributor

Tips to stay safe when using a ridesharing service alone. (Photo Illustration by: Dharmayu Desai)

Catch-up on last week's campus news: 

News: Climate action protest takes place outside QFA’s ‘Road to CEO’

“We’re here today as part of an international move to shed light on the biggest banks and insurance companies funding fossil fuels worldwide,” Emily Červenka, MSc ’22 and one of the protestors, said in an interview with The Journal. Read the full story here. 

—Sydney Ko, News Editor & Aysha Tabassum, Editor in Chief
Recent reads

News: QUMSA advocates to preserve prayer spaces around campus

The MusAllah, currently located in JDUC room 232, is a dedicated Muslim prayer space. Hanya Kaoud, QUMSA president and ArtSci ’22, is currently leading the charge to preserve it.
The JDUC renovations, which were recently postponed until May 2022, are set to cost $62.3 million. The brunt of the costs will be paid for through student fees. Read the full story here.

Sam Goodale, Staff Writer
QUMSA aims to ensure all Muslim students have access to prayer spaces. (Credit: Journal File Photo)

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