Radio Theatre at CFRC: Call for Submissions to Shortwave Radio Theatre Festival

CFRC 101.9 FM is excited to announce a call for submissions of original work for the first Shortwave Theatre Festival, a week of audio drama that we are hosting in November 2020!

We are looking to develop five audio theatre projects by local artists to be featured in the festival. You take care of the script and concept, and we’ll work with you to bring it to life as a podcast and radio broadcast.

All are encouraged to submit. You can be a professional theatre company, an emerging, unpublished writer, a mid-career theatre artist, or a community group. You can write a traditional radio play, or experiment with form, sound and language—we want to see it all! Selected submissions will be offered an honorarium upon project completion.




CFRC is seeking pitches that will ignite the imaginations of listeners in the Kingston and surrounding area. Your piece doesn’t have to be set anywhere near Kingston (or even on Planet Earth), but it should resonate with people who live here in town.

A few points to get you started:
-> Pay attention to the audio form. We don’t want to see any stage play or screenplay retooled for radio. We want you to respond to the unique challenges of radio and podcasting. Whether that’s an intimate, immersive storytelling experience, or a means to unite community through the airwaves—you tell us!
-> With the above in mind, adaptations of other works in the public domain are acceptable.
-> Exceptions for shorter pieces can be made, but aim for a running time of 35-55 minutes.

We are open to submissions in various stages of development. Be creative! If you have an interesting and provocative idea, there’s a good chance we’ll bite.


By the end of October 10, please write to us at [email protected] with:

1. A creative submission, including:
     A. An audio sample, no more than five minutes (MP3 or WAV format), OR
     B. A script, no more than ten pages, OR
     C. If you are already developing a related project, or intend to devise a piece with a team, submit 250-500 words describing your core concept, intentions and  

2. A letter of intent, including:
     A. 250 words describing how your project resonates with people who live in Kingston and the surrounding area, AND
     B. Your availability between October 15-18 for an interview.

Questions? JUST ASK!