Breaking News: RMC sending students home for the semester

October 5th 2020, The Royal Military College (RMC) at Kingston Ontario is sending cadet students home following the Thanksgiving weekend.

In RMC Commandant Brigadier General Sébastien Bouchard's statement, he noted 300 first-year cadets arrived in August to campus to complete necessary in-person training and achievements while 800 upper year students have continued remote learning off-campus since March 2020.  No cadets have tested positive for COVID 19.

Bouchard also stated that RMC intends to hold in person classes in the winter term and planning in underway. However,  “Amid persistent pandemic conditions," Bouchard's letter states, I see this as an opportunity to pre-emptively take action to help protect the ongoing health of our officer cadets, keep the force safe, and set the conditions for a successful winter term,” Bouchard said in a statement released Monday."