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Please VOTE YES for CFRC on January 28th and 29th!


Who we are!

CFRC 101.9 FM is the longest running campus radio station in the world.  Since 1922, we’ve put student voices, ideas, creativity and initiatives on our airwaves, live stream, mobile apps and now podcasts.  Many of our volunteers are either Queen’s students or alumni-all of whom benefit from the ability to be heard around the world, but also gain translatable job skills training in areas including journalism, communications, sound engineering, marketing, Board committee work and more that can be carried along almost any career pathway.

Since 2016, we’ve made significant technical and programming advances including the replacement of our transmitter equipment, the launch of our podcast studio and platforms, and onboarding new Pioneer DJ equipment for students to learn and use.  CFRC has launched numerous new programs and podcasts with student and University focus including Grad Chat, Campus Beat, BioTek Beat, Blind Date with Knowledge, Game Music 101, How to Be Wise, and two student run campus and community news programs while many students also program themed music shows too.  CFRC has also opened its studios to students and whole classes to complete course work, while student organizations increasingly use our facilities to create public service announcements to raise awareness about clubs, services, events, conferences and elections.

100% of student fees go directly to maintaining and operating the station in addition to training for pod/broadcasters, and technical service to students, student organizations, and classes that use our facilities for their projects.  The majority of fees goes toward paying wages for staff employed to operate the station and provide service. Student fees also cover the costs of maintaining and replacing equipment necessary for high quality pod and broadcasts. Students who pay the optional fee are members of the station and are able to take advantage of its training opportunities and services.

Why are we seeking renewal of our $8.22 Mandatory fee?

CFRC has been a mainstay in campus culture and community engagement since 1922.  We are seeking to continue our fee to sustain our operational capacity and to ensure students continue to have opportunities to share their voices, vision, news, ideas and perspectives to campus, community and global audiences.  While CFRC engages in community fundraising, ad & sponsorship sales, and studio rentals, the majority of our operational funding depends on the collection of optional student fees. Running a campus-community radio station requires staffing to ensure license and federal regulatory compliance; fiscal integrity; equipment maintenance, repair and replacement; volunteer pod/broadcaster training; student staff training and mentorship; program development and coordination; music archive and library maintenance; web and podcast site development and maintenance; outreach and fundraising; and service for campus and community members requiring our recording and technical services.  We also seek to augment opportunities for students to join and lead our news and sports-broadcasting teams- projects that require minor equipment upgrades and training for students to do live broadcasts and on-location recording, and projects that will boost student opportunities to participate in live-broadcasting Gaels and community sporting events, developing journalistic research and news reporting skills, and gain valuable skillsets in audio recording, editing and production.

Why is our fee set to $8.22 a year?

Compared to other campus radio stations, CFRC costs less to students at Queen’s University but delivers much more in student access to pod/broadcast opportunities, job skills training opportunities and on-air programming produced by students and oriented towards student life. We’re in the lower third of fee rates among campus stations country-wide.  Other campus stations have fee rates set between $10-36 and the national average is $11.43. Our fee is calibrated to give Queen’s students a fully functional, 24/7 radio station for less than what most Canadian and Ontario students pay, while still keeping the station adequately staffed and able to provide quality broadcasting and podcasting using equipment in good working order. In order to maintain operational capacity, the station must have staff to perform fundamental tasks to keep the station, its 100+ on air and podcasted programs running, and 300 (and growing!) student and community volunteers well-trained and supported.  Like many non-profits, CFRC engages in an annual funding drive, where we typically raise between $10-15,000 annually from the community, a fraction of the costs to operate a fully functioning campus radio station. CFRC has not increased its student fee since 2014 as we remain responsible stewards of our funding and budgeting overseen by our Board of Directors that includes student representatives.

What does the $8.22 fee support?

Student fees support training and mentorship for student volunteers on our airwaves and podcasts as well as for our Summer Work Experience Program and Work Study program positions that provide meaningful learning and career-building opportunities for students. Further, CFRC launched its Podcast Network in 2018 a platform in which students and student groups to develop programming to share their ideas, initiatives, research, creativity, and viewpoints to a global audience through Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes and Google Play.  We have also developed audio documentary residency programs for students to create one hour documentaries on themes of interest to them, in addition to radio theatre opportunities for students to participate as actors, foley artists, directors, sound technicians and producers. We have recently acquired donated DJ equipment and have also initiated DJ workshops to teach students mixing skills on a club standard kit. Ultimately, student fees have helped support programming that allows students to develop broadcasting and podcasting skills including audio recording, mixing and production; oral presentation, listening, and interview skills; research and writing; outreach and marketing; time management and more-skills and core competencies they can carry forward on their career paths while enjoying CFRC as a place to make friends and connections at Queen’s and in the community.

What’s in it for me?

On and off the airwaves, students gain life-long career-building skills in research, audio production, writing, oral presentation, listening, interviewing, news reportage, marketing, time-management, collaboration and team-building, outreach and event-planning, influencing others, customer orientation, strategic thinking, and leadership (just to name a few!) 

Students also use our station to create content for their courses, share their interests, promote their student club initiatives and events.  Whether doing musical or spoken word programming, students also meet new friends and make lasting connections with other Queen’s and community members.  

For those who haven’t come to use our studios, the doors are always open and we’re always training!  Drop us a line if you want to get involved! Or you can just listen to the amazing music and spoken word content produced here at Queen’s University on CFRC 101.9 FM, stream at, listen at Cogeco Cable 282 or our android and iphone apps and download informative podcasts at!  

For almost 98 years, CFRC has been proud to provide space for diverse students to share their voices, vision, and perspectives and to both engage and build their communities. 

CFRC 101.9 FM.  YOUR campus radio station since 1922.