10 New Councillors Elected to Queen's University Council

Queen's University announced the election of ten new Councillors to University Council on Wednesday June 23rd 2021.

Established in 1874, University Council is one of the three governing bodies of the University whose members are elected from among university alumni. 

Although it is not directly involved in operations, the Council may bring to the Senate or Board of Trustees any matter that it believes affects Queen's well-being and prosperity. University Councillors engage in the promotion of the University's interests and represent alumni perspectives at Council's Annual General Meeting.

More information about University Council can be found on the University Secretariat and Legal Council website.

The successful candidates in this year's University Council Election are:

  • Pamela Anoliefo, MMIE’20
  • Nirosha Balakumar, BAH’19, MPhil’21
  • Greg Frankson, BA’98, B.Ed.’99 (re-elected)
  • Jeremy Gooden, BSc’16 (Eng.)
  • Willa Henry, BScN’76
  • Daria Adèle Juüdi-Hope, BScN’11, MPH’20
  • Sandra Kwon, PME ’20
  • Cathy Matthews, Comm’86 (re-elected)
  • Tka Pinnock, BA(Hons)’07 (re-elected)
  • Noor Rahemtulla, Comm’20