Totally Spoked

A weekly spoken word programme devoted to bicycles, designed to entertain, educate and encourage more people to consider the advantages of riding a bike.

Totally Spoke'd is hosted by Christine Bruce, a Kingston native who has actively participated in and witnessed cycling advocacy in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, and in remote locations like Iceland, Germany, Mexico and Indonesia.

Interviews are drawn from contacts around the world, and topics range from learning to ride without training wheels to how to lobby for improved bike infrastructure. Hear interviewees laud a brakeless fixie, a cargo bike and a tall bike. Tune in for a discussion on bike lights, why a helmet is controversial, or how to change a flat tire. Understand why advocacy in the Netherlands is different from that of Oregon, and why the common courtesy demonstrated on the streets of Kingston positions us far ahead of some cities.

The programme is textured with sounds of the outdoors, like tires crunching through gravel or on snow, bike bells and clip-in shoes. Many interviews are conducted in local coffee shops.

And finally, in warmer seasons, when the programme increases to a full hour duration, enjoy music from around the world that enhances the stories.
See you Monday afternoons at 4 p.m., bike bunnies.


December 21, 2015 at 4pm - 5pm

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