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  • Gigantic THANK YOUs to all CFRC Radio supporters, listeners and volunteers! If you missed our recent Funding Drive you can still make a donation by clicking on this picture of a very excited CFRCer.

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    Summer Schedule 2017

    Summer is here...has been for awhile now but we just want to give you a PDF verion for personal use. Download it, print it out, cherish it forever! Right here. Many thanks to our tireless volunteers that helps us create quality radio during the warmer months. And to everyone who will return in September, CFRC misses you!
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    Summer 2017 Volunteer Training

    This summer, get your radio on! During the month of July, between July 17th and the 23rd we are having our CFRC training cycle. Learn all the ins and outs of creating radio whether you are a student or a community member. We are your voice in the media.  You can sign up right here! The deadline for volunteer training is July 7th so get your application in today. Volunteers began CFRC and they continue to propel us into the future!
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