Hiring, Part Two: Marketing and Outreach Coordinator (Student Summer Position)



Through the support of Canada Summer Jobs, CFRC is hiring an Outreach/Marketing Coordinator for 8 week position starting June 20th

The Outreach/Marketing Coordinator will be responsible for promoting CFRC on campus and in the greater Kingston area.


Responsibilities include:

-Coordinating production and distribution of CFRC promotional materials on Queen's campus and in the community, including program guides, informational leaflets, posters, videos, audio playlists and other innovative marketing resources.

-Supporting CFRCs involvement with and presence at community events and summer festivals such as the Skeleton Park Arts Festival

-Recruiting content from local non-profit organizations and community groups to be used in Public Service Announcements (PSAs) and CFRC's weekly Community Events Calendar, airing weekday mornings and afternoons.

-Raising awareness about CFRC's opportunities, programming and services and engaging current and new audiences through the strategic use of social media.

-Participating in volunteer training and coordination


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Hiring, Part One: Music Coordinator (Student Summer Position)



Through the support of Canada Summer Jobs, CFRC is hiring a Music Coordinator for an 8 week position starting June 20th  

Tasks include:

-Coordinating and producing coverage of local music events and festivals

-Liaising with artists, labels and promoters to ensure CFRC has access to new music by artists with upcoming performances in Kingston

-Supporting CFRC’s Music Resources Manager to develop and maintain the station’s music collection

-Previewing, reviewing, cataloguing and integrating new music to the library

-Filing, alphabetizing, maintaining and cataloging the existing collection

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Hiring: Swamp Ward & Inner Harbour History Project Audio Producer

Do you have a deep appreciation for the human voice and how people remember and talk about their lives? Do you have the technical chops to work with oral history material and transform it into aesthetically compelling and historically rich audio documentary? We’re looking for a person like that! Consider applying for this job.  

Submit cover letter and resume with a sample of work to swihhp@cfrc.ca

Deadline for applications: Friday, May 20, 2016

CFRC Radio 101.9fm is collaborating with the Swamp Ward and Inner Harbour History Project (SWIHHP) on an initiative made possible through the City of Kingston Heritage Fund. SWIHHP aims to document the twentieth-century history of two contiguous neighbourhoods of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Until the early 1970s, the Inner Harbour was a vital industrial area of the city, complete with railroads, factories, and docks; the Swamp Ward, adjacent to it, was where workers and their families lived, went to school, went to church, shopped, and played. Through archival research and oral history, SWIHHP will bring people, time periods, spaces, and issues into Kingston’s story that have usually stood in the shadow of nineteenth-century limestone buildings and illustrious politicians.

In this short-term, part-time, grant-funded position, the Audio Producer will work closely with the SWIHHP Director and Oral History Coordinator to develop innovative and professional audio documentary materials to engage a range of listeners in Kingston and beyond. The Audio Producer will produce 6-10 half-hour segments for broadcast and podcast, as well as shorter segments as needed. The Audio Producer will also assist in extending community capacity via training of community members in the audio elements of oral history.

Responsibilities include:

  • Training community members and researchers in field recording practices and techniques
  • Liaising with Director, Oral History Coordinator, CFRC, and community participants on goals and materials
  • Reviewing audio materials and documentary models to identify themes & possibilities
  • Designing a concept and proposal for the style, format, and scope of audio documentaries
  • Producing the agreed-upon material in an innovative, professional, and timely manner


  • Experience with audio editing software and equipment
  • Excellent audio recording and editing skills
  • Experience editing spoken word and/or oral history recordings to create audio documentaries
  • Knowledge of a range of approaches and trends in audio documentaries and podcasting
  • Experience teaching or supporting others in using audio technology
  • Commitment to making Kingston history interesting to audiences elsewhere
  • Superb work ethic and project planning skills

Terms of Work

200 hours between June 15 and September 15, 2016 at a wage of $25 per hour. The bulk of the production work is likely to be done in August and September, but we also require some degree of technical assistance, planning, workshop participation, and consultation earlier in the summer.

Summer Schedule 2016

The Summer Schedule begins May 2nd. Download the handy PDF version right here!

Our online schedule will be up to date within the week with show descriptions and links to the archives.


CFRC's end-of-semester Cram Jams are back!  It's a hectic time of year: exams, final projects, essays.  It's a lot to deal with, so let CFRC help you unwind, de-stress and amp up with our curated collection of study ready playlists.  Each playlist is made special by one of our volunteers who knows how busy early December can be.  Whether it's classical, jazz, hip-hop, indie rock, ambient or electronic, we have something to keep you on target!  Check out http://8tracks.com/cfrc/ for your playlists - we'll be posting new ones all the way through exam season.


April 13: Her Voice Documentary Premiere

Tune into CFRC on Wednesday, April 13 at 4pm for the premiere of a feature-length documentary about the experiences of Muslim women living in Kingston.  Her Voice/صوتها was produced by Ashna Asim as part of the Robert H. Black Documentary Residency program at CFRC. The documentary is a powerful exploration of identities and voices in Islam, featuring the stories of four different women, as well as the narrator, in their own words.

April 6: The Food Fighters Documentary Premiere

Tune into CFRC on Wednesday, April 6 at 4pm for the premiere of a feature-length documentary about food and sustainability.  The Food Fighters was produced by Jena Hudson as part of the Robert H. Black Documentary Residency program at CFRC. Listen as Jena speaks with vegans and carnivores alike about their food choices and the impact our eating habits have on our shared world. For more info and discussion, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/978414665529177/


Rendez-Vous de la Francophonie this March on CFRC

Rendez-vous de la Francophonie is an annual celebration of Canada's membership in the Francophonie and promotes the French language and its numerous cultural expressions.

Tune into Wildcard every Wednesday at 4 pm during the month of March to hear about the French experience from campus and community radio stations across Canada!

La Francophonie is an international organization representing countries and regions where French is the first or customary language and/or where a significant proportion of the population are Francophones and/or where there is a notable affiliation with French culture. Canada is one of its 57 member states. The newly-appointed head of the organization is former Canadian Governor General Michaëlle Jean.

Homelessness Marathon, February 23

CFRCis proud to participate in this year's coast-to-coast Homelessness Radio Marathon with a special broadcast on Tuesday, February 23 that will include a live-to-air open mic at Martha's Table, 629 Princess Street, from 5-7pm.

Now in its 14th year, the Homelessness Radio Marathon is a collaboration of campus and community stations across Canada, creating dialogue and raising awareness of homelessness in our communities.

CFRC's broadcast begins at 5pm ET with an open mic at Martha’s Table, a non-profit, charitable organization providing low cost nutritious meals to those in need. CFRC welcomes members of the community, particularly those who are or have experienced being homeless, to attend and share their perspectives, songs, poems or stories on this important issue.

At 7pm ET, the broadcast moves to CFRC's studios for a special feature produced by the Aboriginal Voices program. From 8pm to 7am, CFRC will air events and features from other campus and community broadcasters participating in this year's Marathon, coordinated by CIVL in Abbottsford, BC.

To get involved, please join us at Martha's Table from 5-7pm on February 23, email ops@cfrc.ca, or tune in!


CFRC's 2016 Funding Drive

CFRC's 11th annual Funding Drive took place February 5-14, 2016. 

Our goal this year is $25,000 to support Kingston's only non-profit, volunteer-powered, campus & community radio station. Your contribution helps to cover the costs of crucial broadcasting equipment and supplies to keep the station spinning.

You can still contribute to this year's campaign: click on the pizza above to donate now!



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